Skin Cancer
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Dr Con Pappas is focused on high level personalized care in a friendly caring environment.  New patients are always welcomed and no referral is required.


Consulting Locations

  • Milton Family Medical Practice and South Coast Skin Cancer Clinic

    02 4454 4555

    For your annual skin check and assessments please visit Dr Pappas at the Milton Family Medical Practice. This is a private billing practice. 
    Their mission is to provide continuous and confidential medical services to patients in a caring approach in our welcoming practice environment.
    Their qualified and experienced staff are ready to help you in Milton. Please visit the website or call 02 4454 4555 to make an appointment.

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  • Ulladulla Endoscopy & Medical Centre

    02 4455 5422

    Dr Pappas offers Privately insured patients undergoing surgery at Ulladulla Endoscopy “no gap” cover through the major health funds.  Dr Pappas also conducts a referral clinic for GP’s for patients requiring surgery.
    The Day Hospital combines state of the art equipment, expert staff and modern recovery room to give you the highest level of medical treatment and personalised care. They have a dedicated team of experienced Doctors, Nurses and support staff who go out of their way to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Please visit the website or call 02 4455 5422 to make an appointment.

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Which Practice Should I Visit?

For your annual check-up and assessment please call Milton Family Medical Practice to make an appointment.

Your Doctor can refer you to Ulladulla Endoscopy & Medical Practice  for skin cancer related surgery.
Please print off and bring in your filled in forms when you visit.
Your Skin History
Patient Photographic Consent 
Guardian Patient Photographic Consent

Are you at risk of skin cancer?

Did you know that you are at more risk of developing skin cancer if you have:

  • Excessive exposure to UV radiation from sunlight. 
  • Family history of skin cancer
  • Light skin which burns easily 
  • Lots of moles on your body
  • Chemical exposure, for example industrial oils, solvents, arsenic and pesticides
  • Been taking long term medication which suppresses your immune system
  • A smoking history
  • Previously had skin cancer
  • Certain genetic disorders.

Digital mole scaning

Total Body Photography

We use “ MoleMax HD” for keeping digital imaging records of your moles and also total body photography. The special camera allows up to 30 X magnification and looks through the top layers of the skin when analysing a mole and stores the images on its database.
This technology enables us to detect subtle changes in moles and new moles be identified over time leading to early detection of melanoma and therefore a better chance of cure.