Skin Biopsy

  • A biopsy is sometimes performed if a lesion appears unusual or suspicious
  • A small part of the lesion (2-8mm diameter) will be removed under local anaesthetic for study, by a pathologist, to obtain the exact diagnosis.  This usually takes about one week to analyse. 
  • Most biopsies require a stitch, although in some instances a shave of the lesion is performed.  The biopsy will be covered with a dressing.
  • The dressing can be fully removed after 48 hrs and the wound cleaned with antiseptic and then left open.  You may decide to continue to cover the biopsy site with regular band-aids in case of delayed bleeding, friction or heavy/dirty work duties.  Please do not swim or bath for three days. Gentle showering is fine.
  • Any pain can be treated with 2 paracetamol tablets (avoid aspirin) every four (4) hrs and delayed bleeding is best stopped by pressure and elevation for 10 mins.
  • Dr Pappas will discuss the management options with you if the biopsy is reported, by the Pathologist, as skin cancer.