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Full Skin Examination – Utilising Dermoscopy

We recommend full skin checks. Many skin cancers including melanoma can be missed by not checking the entire skin. By checking the entire skin many early lesions can be found and also lesions in question can be assessed against the background skin. For a full skin check, you will be asked to remove all clothing except undergarments.

We do not routinely examine the breasts or genitals and ask you to inform us if you have a concern in these areas. Please try not to wear, makeup as this makes the assessment more difficult.

A full skin check usually lasts around 15 minutes and utilises a dermatoscope which is a hand held microscope which enables increased diagnostic accuracy for a skin lesion. At the end of the examination an assessment is made and a recommendation for any further treatment. You will have the option of being placed on our recall reminder system according to your risk or past history.

You can opt for just a specific spot to be checked at the time of consultation but it will be recommended that you return and have a full check to make sure a lesion is not missed.